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felony jump bond arrest

This person is wanted in the state of Texas for a "felony jump bond". Don't know what the statute is for that. He shows up at her house, she goes to work and next thing she knows he has been arrested at her place of residence. What she wants to know can she be charged for "harboring" since he was picked up at her place of residence? Should she seek a lawyer immediately?
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I don't think that she needs to call a lawyer if there isn't a problem. Harboring a fugitive in TX may require knowledge that the person is a fugitive. Is there a good reason why she might suspect that this is going to occur?

In most states "jumping Bond" is simply a an FTA or failure to appear.

IN the southeast I bounty hunted for a number of years. I have rarely seen any arrested for harboring or obstructing unless the yactually took an active part in hinderin gthe aprehension of hte fugitive. It can indeed vary from state to state. And with prior knowlege, yes indeed. I would say it is not impossible though not likely.

It would also depend on who made the retrieval. A police officer or a fugitive retrieval agent. Either could but teh FRA would be more likely to bring these charges , at least by my experience.
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