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I was convicted of a class c felony (eluding police) in Adams county Washington. I was convicted and spent 3 days in jail, 1 month home monitoring and had to pay fines. I was done with my electronic home monitoring in January 2007. My fines were paid in May 2009. I recently hired an attorney to restore my gun rights. I was told by my attorney that he could get my rights back no problem. After months of waiting and a hearing the prosecuting attorney in Adams county said, that I haven't been in the community long enough and that the clock didn't start until my fines were paid. My lawyer didn't have much to say. Now I'm out a $1,000. Is this prosecuting attorney right? Can I fight this? I made one mistake five years ago. I have no other convictions on my record of any kind. Doesn't this violate my second amendment rights? I want to be able to hunt and just be able to target practice again. Please if anyone can help me Its much appreciated.
I don't know about your state laws, but no, your 2nd Amendment rights are not being violated.
I would tend to agree that the clock did not start until your sentence was complete, which includes paying fines.
If you are not satisfied with your representation get a new attorney.
In the mean time, maybe take to bow hunting... do something new that doesn't require firearms.
What difference does it make if I was paying fines? Why wouldn't the clock start when I was released? Doesn't the law state 5 years in the community without conviction? I was still going to work, paying my taxes, and weaving baskets...besides my crime wasn't a violent offense
I believe your sentence was not complete until all obligations were satisfied.
You can certainly fight it. You might find a way around. Since you have an attorney you should be working with him, or maybe seeking a new one. You wont accomplish this without legal assistance.
Thank you all for taking time to reply. I'm curious, does anyone on this forum know of a way around this capricious and arbitrary ruling? My lawyer took ,y money but has a hard time taking my calls' so I have not been working with him in any capacity...I'm finding it all very annoying that the law is subject to ones "interpretation".
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