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Friend added to LLC case - can she speak in court?

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by riw7124, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. riw7124

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    My friend has been added to a case against my LLC. I am not allowed to speak in court because the law says only an attorney can speak for an LLC, even a sole proprietorship like mine, and I have no money to hire one. This is how the plaintiff's attorney has won all her motions so far. However I have a friend who has been added to the case. Her office in my LLC was receiving agent. She received mail for the company and nothing else. They have not bothered her beyond adding her to the case.

    Can my friend speak in court without being called by the plaintiff's attorney? Can she present arguments on behalf of issues involving not just herself, but also the LLC? They are now trying to add my new fledgling company and enjoin it and its officers (my accountant) from transferring assets pending satisfaction of the plaintiff's judgement. They also want to skip the part where the plaintiff might need to post a bond for damage she might cause to my new company.

    Forget about trying to get help from legal assistance programs in my area. They don't help people with my kind of case. I live in Spokane which is not near Seattle. It's a semi-desert.

    P.S. I'm broke.


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