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FRAUD - Being Sued by Mental Patient with a Law Degree

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by crimefighter, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. crimefighter

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    I’m in Texas. Mental Patient is in Arizona.

    1. I was served a Summons and Complaint in February by someone I have never met, suing me for $10M for selling him illegal drugs over the internet which cause him to be hospitalized. I never sold drugs of any kind, and do not sell anything over the internet or anywhere else.

    2. I learned that he had issued a subpoena to GoDaddy.com where I have a few domain names registered. I owned one of the domain names he asked for information on. (He was trying to pass himself off as an attorney. I reported him to the State Bar of AZ, who found him in violation of a rule, “unauthorized practice of law.”)

    3. I emailed the person telling him he was suing the wrong person. He emailed back asking for $3,000 to settle.

    4. He twisted my email around and sent it into the Court. He added lies about me, and knows he is suing the wrong person. I submitted a Motion to Dismiss and a General Denial, and asked the Court to assign an attorney to him to review any further lawsuits before he can file another one.

    5. I learned he was a psychotic mental patient. He has over 28 other lawsuits in 3 counties in Southern AZ alone, and he has even sued his mental facility. He’s been hospitalized over 39 times for his “serious mental illness,” sometimes involuntarily. He’s running for President with Michael Jackson ‘King of Pop’ as his VP. He needs psychotropic drugs and sued because they won’t allow him to use Medicaid to pay for them. This means he has no money. I noticed he sells high value Wal-Mart gift cards on eBay. He passes himself off as a “former attorney, private investigator, and newspaper reporter.” He even claims to run a talent agency.

    6. We had a court date and the judge asked us to submit affidavits. The crazy person sent me more emails, threatening to appeal no matter what the Court ruled. He has zero proof to support his claim and in fact, he has already submitted proof that shows I had nothing to do with his purchase. He refuses to share discovery with me.

    7. We were contacted by a mental facility informing us there may be a “duty to warn” regarding our personal safety. He doesn’t drive, but he may hire someone to harm us. The Police and FBI were notified, but there is some finger-pointing as to which one should handle this.

    8. Seven months later, I learn that GoDaddy.com not only gave him my address, they also gave him all my passwords and credit card numbers, too. They had ignored all requests for information from me, one of their customers. The only email they ever sent regarding what they would give said, “some” of your information “may” be given. They should have told me “all” my information “would” be given. Now we have had to treat this like an identity theft situation, cancelling all our credit cards and changing all our passwords. I don’t think a subpoena was enough to issue all this data to a mental patient, and they should have told me that’s what they were going to do.

    9. I refused to respond to an email where he threatened to appeal no matter what if I didn’t settle. He knew he was in trouble after the first Hearing. He wanted me to settle and pay all my own court costs. When I submitted that email to the Court as evidence of his harassment, the crazy person subpoenaed me and my wife for our bank account records. He also called government agencies and told them I was operating an illegal pharmacy. He lied to the court and told them there was a criminal investigation against me.

    10. I submitted a Motion to Block all subpoenas he issued and requested an Expedited Ruling. The crazy person filed a motion to pull for the judge to order me to appear in court in person for a discovery hearing. He never sent me a copy of this request, I had to call the court and ask what was filed. (For the first hearing, he withheld mailing me the notice for almost a week so I’d miss the deadline to file a request to appear telephonically.)

    11. Everything he files is a lie, often times blatantly opposite to the truth. He really is insane. It’s actually funny to read his filings.

    12. I filed a request to have the Court rule based on previous filings, and rule before another hearing.


    1. How can I get this over with as fast as possible?

    2. If he has no money, I may not ever get anything, but I’d still like a judgment on him. I also want him to go to jail or be “committed” to a mental facility. I’m told that if he was doing this in Texas, he’d be in jail by now for what he’s doing. How can I get him jailed in Arizona?

    3. Can I ask this Court to punish him, or do I need to file another lawsuit against him after this one is over? Do I file in Arizona or Texas? Criminal or Civil?

    4. Do I have a case against GoDaddy.com even though they received a subpoena?

    5. What options do I have to see justice when this mental patient has set himself up to be financially judgment-proof?

    Others in the community who know this person have urged me not to settle. One person told me “someone needs to take him on,” and “they’d be doing the world, and especially the courts in Arizona, a huge favor.”

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