Sentencing, Plea Bargains Forgery charge for giving false information to a police officer

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I am currently on probation in Arizona for a Marijuana violation (I had violated this probation last year but was bonded out of jail) I a currently in good standings with my probation officer and have been complying with all of courts requirements. Well I was checking out my court records online when I noticed a new Forgery charge from this year.

See about 8 months ago (when I was absconding from my probation and had a warrant out) I was pulled over in my boyfriends truck and when he asked for my license I told him I didn't have one. I explained to him that the only reason I was even driving was to take my boyfriend to the emergency room (which was true) cause without insurance the cost of an ambulance is ridiculous. When they arrested me for having no ID I gave him my friends name and information (I knew her information because previous to this she had sold me her old ID and the use of her name since at the time I had a warrant out and was staying in hotels). I figured since I had been in the system before that I would probably just get busted as soon as they fingerprinted and photographed me. Well I was wrong – I'm sitting there waiting for them to tell me they knew who I really was and the next thing I knew, they were releasing me.

Now I know that I hadn't gotten off that easy and that there would be repercussions later. She had had a suspended license so she owed about $600 in traffic tickets and was given a court date. I didn't want my friend to get a warrant for me going to jail so I told her all about the arrest and even gave her ALL the money to pay the ticket off. Come to find out she kept the $600 and appeared before the judge and turned me in! Now I have an arrest warrant (a grand jury indictment) nonetheless, a class 4 felon in this state.

To make a long story even longer – Currently on probation with a warrant out for felony forgery, I called the court and they said I could quash the warrant next Thursday with a walk-in court date. Will they really quash the warrant and give me a future arraignment date, or will they arrest me on the spot? What kind of sentence could I be facing with the forgery and the probation violation?
Well my dear, you can expect the sentences to get longer and longer as you do more and more. Just in this little post you have admitted to a drug violation, lying to a police officer, forgery charge, using someone else's license, evading police, absconding, purchasing and using another's ID, and now forgery. Life is going to get longer and harder if you don't slow down from here.

It is possible they will quash the warrant, but I doubt it seriously. You are a known flight risk, probationer and you have a rap sheet. Why would they expect you to come in on your own, you know? Bite the bullet and go anyway. Do your time and get it all behind you. Start off fresh and just obey the law. Life will be much easier that way.

Good luck.
This isn't forgery- it is an impersonation. you should find out exactly what the charge is and make sure it fits what you did.
Though you falsely identified yourself, I am not so sure your friend is in the clear since she "sold" her ID and essentially gave you permission... she isn't really an innocent victim.
I suppose you gave her cash and didn't get anything in writing to account for that $600, so you will probably never see it again. Do what you can to get her to admit in writing (email works great for this) that she received $600 from you.
You will have to answer to the warrant though. Do yourself a favor and don't say anything until you talk with an attorney. You will get to speak with the public defender if nothing else. As of right now, the court only knows what your friend accused you of. The police did not identify you the day of the incident, and unless they can come into court and positively identify you again after all this time, then you could argue that your friend is just lying to avoid the fines.
On the surface this seems kind of sloppy and might be something that can be swept under the rug, or at least reduced. If you start talking too soon you will be toast.
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