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firearms purchase disqualification

Discussion in 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' started by rd212, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. rd212

    rd212 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My son was recently denied the opportunity to purchase a hunting rifle in ohio.He was denied because he was involuntarily committed to a veterans hospital for delusions and paranoia.He voluntarily went to the hospital but was court ordered to stay for observation.This was over 2 yrs ago. He was given a tenative diagnosis of psychosis nos that was attributed to prescription pain meds and annabolic steroid use for an injury he received while in the Navy. He has a service connected disability for his injury and for generalized anxiety disorder.He takes no medication and had no more delusions or paranoia.He is a full time college student and lives a normal life.

    He was blind sided the other day when he went to purchase a 22. Is a one time psychiatric admission going to preclude him from ever purchasing a weapon or from being a police officer etc?I know there are appeals available for certain disqualifications but don't know where to turn for this.He recently had psych testing for a merchant mariner document and aside from anxiety has a clean bill of health. Is there a way to get this monkey off his back?

    rd212 in ohio

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