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In june of last year i was arrested for a possesion charge and was fined becouse of the amount 10$ worth of crack.I did what was neeed payed the fine.I agree on that I disobaied the law and was listed as a felon for 10 dallors of crack.No problem, well now I have been out of work for 16 months and am going into bankruptcy and loosing my residents.I have been turned down by 26 employers do to my felony conviction.It's funny how the laws made in ower regaurd become the reason why somoone can't get work.I servered in the military and worked for military contractors.Again I accept the consiquences but can't get a job to save my life and thats where it is ending up to save my life.
Apply for jobs with employers that don't do background checks.

I know that doesn't sound helpful but a felony conviction from only a year ago isn't going to be expunged anytime soon.
Not so. There are jobs that take felons although few. Try Manufactering, food industry etc. Alos talk to your local probabation department they should have info on employers willing to give felons second chance. Some Mom and Pop shops as well

You are definately right about the food industry. I should have thought of that one. My favorite local cook is an ex-con, and he makes decent money (50K+/yr) although it's 50 hour weeks.
With all due respect, Kelly, no one held a gun to your head to make you break the law. The economy is in the toilet and a lot of people with no convictions are having to take up new careers asking if customers want fries with that. Why are you entitled to more?
so at the age of 40 i apply at mcdonalds or burger king

FYI my husband changed careers in his mid 40's when he could not find work in Rubber Industry he had 20 years exp in. It happens. I might add he exceled in new caqreer and was promoted to mangement in less than 2 years. So swallow your foolish pride and find some work
If you served prison time of one year or more, there is something called WOTC - WOrk Opportunity Tax Credit. Google search it. It provides an employer up to $2,400. off the top of their taxes to hire an ex felon. Sometimes money talks.
Another thing to do is to write on the application "will explain". If the employer is curious enough, you will get an interview. Focus on what you have done since your convction to right the wrong. "I do have a felony conviction for drug posession and I served my time which taught me many things like a trade or interpersonal skills and from what I have learned, I know that I would be a good employee with your company." If you are still on probation, you have an officer who is assuring you through UDS.

Depending on what State you reside, you may also qualify for State Vocational Rehabilitation services. Many of them (sorry, may not be all) work with individuals in recovery to help them find employment. Often time they will offer OJT (On the Job Training) and pay up to 50% of the wages for a short period of time as a try out.

Also, some states, but not all states, have a Federal Bonding Program through US DOL.

For all indiviudals, I can say that it is often true that "Having a job helps you get a job" meaning taking any job could be a step on the ladder.

What kind of work are you seeking? I will say that honesty is the best policy as HR people do speak with each other so do not ruin your credibility by lying on an application or in an interview. Admit and then quickly turn to what you have learned and how it can be an asset.

Also, small employers are easiest. They can often flex on their hiring policies. Corporations cannot. List what you have got going for you and explore how to sell your assests and not your liability.

thank you for responces

cbg not a matter of pride just need to work to hold my home. Sender123 thanks not on probation or nor spend time in jail.So not involved in those agentcies.And I make sure to list the offence and thats why not picked for spot.I apply for maintenance and repair spots

With the economy the way it is, there are a lot of people that can't even get maintenance or repair jobs eithers. I know of people with good college degrees that are now filling the jobs you are probably applying for (becoming bartenders, maintenance, waiting tables).
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