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Feedback on ban

Discussion in 'General Chat, News, TV, Politics' started by shrinkmaster, Jan 25, 2021.

  1. shrinkmaster

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    Several months ago one of you banned me for a practice i have done here for YEARS! I talked to Michael and he said he would look into it. I guess he was too busy. I am not asking who did this as I dont get a rats rear who did. I am here to say and make everyone aware (including Michael) I am not ceasing the practice as there was NOTHING wrong with it and Michael was always aware. The practice was posting videos that I had made that related to forum topic posting on. Many of you post videos all the time. Yes they may not be your own but that makes no difference! So whoever you are you clearly had an issue with me so this was your cowardice that had you ban me and misuse/abuse your power as a MOD. Michael please take note of this thread so you can see who abuses the powers of a MOD on your site for personal reasons. Again there was NOTHING wrong with this action and I have done this for YEARS!

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