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Falsely charged off child abuse Child Abuse, Molestation, Porn

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by Desaraevanstory, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Desaraevanstory

    Desaraevanstory Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Last year in july i was arrested for neglect and child endangerment with a deadly weapon. My husband and i where haveing a disagreement. He was going to take my youngest son to another state without me saying goodbye. Him and my son where driving(slowly) away. So i jump in my vechle and drove ahead before the pavement and parked sideways so he would have to stop. Instead of stopping he slowly ran into my vechle. An off duty officer was at a birthday party on our street and called it in.i thought we would both get a domestic charger. After about 45 minutes of what seemed like a swat team questioning me( if barely asking anything and staring at me and not answering anything i asked) they tried to trick me into singing a "statement" i said you cant tell me the crime i committed or why your arresting me im not doing anything. Dps came said theres no accident to report its barley a fender bender. No one but me was hurt after my spouse assaulted me witch the officer witness and addressed me about at first. Im the one with the bogus charge because i neglected to take my son to the emergency room when my husband had him and i was in handcuffs.What can i do to fight this.
  2. KatDini

    KatDini Well-Known Member

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    Hire an attorney.
  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    My best guess is that you don't understand what the offense is that you have been accused of committing.
    The scenario you describe does not make sense. What injury did the child have and how was it obtained?

    Hire an attorney or make use of the public defender. They can help you understand the charge against you and how to proceed.

    If you do have all the information correct this could be a case where the whole matter gets dropped once the prosecutor has time to review it.

    Have you been to court yet for an arraignment?

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