Domestic Violence & Civil Orders Falsely accused of assault on female


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About a month ago me and my ex had an argument over car keys which resulted in her calling the cops and me being arrested for larceny. Once in prison I find out that she went to the police station and told them I was physically abusive to her and I'm given an additional charge of assault on female. I have no criminal history and have never raised a hand against ANYONE in my entire life.

Once released from prison things cooled off and she told me she only lied about the assault because she feared i really would hurt her for having me arrested. She told me she gave the police a photo of an old bruse she had about 2 months or so ago and said that i had given it to her 2 weeks ago but it "cleared up". She refuses to admit that she lied to the DA and refuses to simply not show up as she thinks this will get her in trouble. She has completely turned my world upside down with a single lie and I have never been more stressed and depressed in my life. Can I actually be convicted with nothing but an old photo (not taken by police) and her word? I am complety terrified.
I doubt very much that you were in prison.

Yes, you can be convicted, although it's unlikely if she refuses to co-operate. You need an attorney - simple as that.
Don't try to persuade her to not testify. That could bring more problems for you.
At this point you need legal counsel. If you can't afford an attorney ask the court to appoint one.
If it's as you say this really doesn't sound that bad, but it could be bad without legal counsel.
If she is the only witness and she refuses to cooperate, they will likely drop the case. That's what happened with me and my ex. He actually did assault me and I waited a day to report it but I still had bruises when I went to the police station. The cop took photos. Took statement. They talked to him. He lied. It turned into he said/she said. He avoided the polygraph. After two months of ridiculousness I said I wasn't cooperating anymore. The new detective said they could still pursue it and I said I know. But they didn't as they had no evidence, no witness anymore and conflicting statements.

Also you were likely in jail not prison as stated.

Don't talk to that woman anymore. Talk to a lawyer. If police talk to you hire a lawyer.