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Hi, just a quick question. I am canadian, my boyfriend is american. I was visting the USA last year and although I never overstayed my 6 month period, I have difficulty getting through Customs. I found out my problems are due to my ex-husband in Canada making false claims to Immigration. Saying I was living in the US and working illegally, which is untrue. I understand customs would have to check this out which I believe they have, and although they don't like to clear me they eventually do. My boyfriend and myself plan to be married in the USA after my divorce is finalized in Canada. My question is, will my ex's false claims have any effect on the Fiance Visa we plan to apply for? Can Immigration deny me from those claims? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!!!!
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How u doin? I have some questions about my status here in the United States. I got petitioned here by K-1 visa or Fiancee lats 2003 we got married April 2003. But until now i dont have the green card my husband didnt want to apply for it can i apply it by myself? w/o the concent of my husband or i have an relatives living here in the U.S. is it possible they going to sponsor for me to get my green card. I'm going to wait for your reply. Thanks

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