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Expungements Criminal Records, Expungement

Discussion in 'Criminal Records, Expungement' started by usheppard, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. usheppard

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    I wanted to inquire about a Grand Theft charge recived in 2005. I was trying to get this charged expunged. I serve in the US Air Force in California and while in California I had a midamenor charge of disturbing the peace (being loud in a neighborhood outside the base w/girlfriend at the time) That case is preventing me from expunging my Florida case, because I moved to Florida, the request by the courts was that I take a class while there in California. I didnt take the class, and therefor resulted in a bench warrant. I have contact an attorney in California to go and represent me to look into a couple of possibly remedies, to either file for a continueance to do the class in Florida, Request for a reversal of the bench warrant. Possibly, see if he can request to have the case dismissed, possibly after all things satisfied. My signifigance for writing this letter is to find some sort of solution for my Florida case it was adjudicated withheld, but that is the prodominate case that is causing issue for my current employer, the Federal Department of Labor, they asked that I resolve this issue soon being it came up in a background investigation. I explained that I am currently doing so at this time. I would like for this case to be sealed/Expunged, and/or reviewed for possible post conviction motion, on the grounds that I did not understand the total ramifications of the actions, and inadequate council at the time when reviewing the information. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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