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expungement help Criminal Records, Expungement

Discussion in 'Criminal Records, Expungement' started by redmoonzero, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. redmoonzero

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    Hi I have a question about expungement. According to this chart here in Utah 2 misdemeanors can take 5 or 15 years to go away.

    * Capital felony; Felony 1; Forcible felony 2; any sexual offense against a minor Never
    2nd and 3rd degree felonies 7 Years
    * Alcohol related traffic offenses (Title 41) 10 Years
    * Class A misdemeanor - 5 Years
    * All other misdemeanors & infractions 3 Years
    * Multiple class A misdemeanor cases not arising from the same occurrence 15 years
    * Multiple class B misdemeanor cases not arising from the same occurrence 12 years
    * Multiple class C misdemeanor cases not arising from the same occurrence 6 years

    So I am wondering what constitutes an occurrence. Is it two different crimes on two different days? Or two different arrests? I committed the same crime at two different places on two different days. They were only a few days apart. I was arrested and charged with both of them at the same time. Now is that two occurrences or one? I sure hope one because I want this to go away as fast as possible so I can get a job and move on with my life and my career.

    Basically this is what happened. I robbed a gas station. I walked in and handed the clerk a note saying please give me the money. Two or three days later I did it again at another gas station. Then I was arrested a few hours after the second robbery with 2 counts of Felony robbery. I confessed and went to jail and finally after a long process ended up getting 2 Class A Misdemeanors. So I want to know what I can do now to make this go away. Do I have to wait 5 or 15 years? I allready did one two step 402 motion reduction to have it go from felony to misdemeanor after I got off probation. Can I do it again to bring it down to Class C's? Or is expungement and waiting for that the only thing I can do now?

    I have worked part time jobs at school that don't do checks since then. However I got laid off and am now looking for full time work. I always am truthful on applications and have yet to get a job. This happened in 2006 and I got off probation in 2008. So my waiting time starts from after probation right? I thought after I got my felony reduced to a misdemeanor life would be good and easy. Even though I have misdemeanors now, most applications even ask about those. Mine says Robbery next to misdemeanor ... can it say anything worse? How am I supposed to get a job with that? What industries are not even worth trying to get into and what ones should i focus on? I am trying to get into computers since I have some experience and lots of education with them.

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