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eBay transaction lost-somewhere?

Discussion in 'Expert Witnesses & Investigators' started by rgmac, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. rgmac

    rgmac Law Topic Starter New Member

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    On the 24th of November, 2007, I sold a 1971 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup truck to the highest bidder in an auction on eBay. A month later, the deal was consumated when I received a check for the necessary amount.
    I mailed the transfered title and a notarized bill-of-sale to the buyer, along with the keys to the vehicle.
    I was specific in my terms of sale that the buyer assume responsibility for the pickup and transportation of the vehicle after the sale was complete.
    The vehicle still sits in front of my house!
    I have sent this individual e-mail after e-mail . . . no response!
    I have informed him that the Colorado liscence plates, belonging to me, have expired . . . and the vehicle will get towed.
    No response.
    The individual doesn't repond.
    I've tried to contact him, through his company, through his e-mail, by phone . . . no response.
    I haven't foregone my responsibilities to the sale.
    But, I don't want to see the truck towed to the city impound lot.
    What are my options?
    (Still no contact with Jesus . . . or the individual who signed for the title.)

    Do I leave the truck alone?
    I've asked this individual for his current tags (if he's transfered the title) so that the truck can continue to be parked on the street.
    No call was received. My heavens! I sold this truck to somene who won't come forward and take possesion.
    Is there a time period?
    een consumated. I received his money. I sent him the legal title, keys, and a notarized/dated bill of sale.
    I call him- noresponse. I call his company- noresponse.
    November 24 through June 28. What are my responsibilities? What will happen? He won the auction, bought the product, but has failed to pick it up . . . or respond to me.
    My wife says there's some period of abandonment. But is that true?
    I don't want to see the truck towed away or lost, but the legitimate owner will not respond. Nor will his company.
    What is our situation at this time?
    I received and spent the monies of purchase . . . and I have sent everything to consumate the deal.
    It's June of 2008 in Colorado.
    What can I do? What should I do?
    If Jesus doesn't respond and claim ownership, what next?
    It's no longer my truck.
    Thanks for any information.
    Heavens! What should I do about it?
    Leave it alone . . . and let it get towed to city impound?
    Thanks for any information.

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