Dumbest Law of 2013 Comes to New York City - The Soda Ban

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Michael Wechsler

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So what's the difference between ordering a pizza and a half gallon orange juice for delivery versus ordering a pizza and a 20 ounce bottle of Coca-Cola? The answer (or punchline) is that the latter will be made illegal next month.

If you find this difficult to believe, read this article on Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban.

As if affordable health care and numerous other societal problems weren't of higher priority, somehow banning soda in this fashion will solve the "obesity crisis" that plagues this country. So by all means eat the entire pie of pizza for lunch because the sure fire weight control law is here to stay. I can't even imagine how much time and money was spent on legislating this farce into the books.
I heard that on the TV news. What next?

Oh my gosh.

I'm speechless!

(and you should all know that being speechless is not a common occurrence here!)
I'll tell you what's next - Cambridge, MA is considering doing the same thing.
That is among the issues still being discussed. I think the plan is to limit it to sit-down restaurants.
All jokes aside, this worries me on a different level.

I am NOT a fan of the government telling me what I may or may not ingest of my own free will.

And if someone wants to close my local All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Seafood Buffet?

They better run. Not walk, but run. Far, far away.
Agree, I hear you!
Well, I'll be darn - glad though.
Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, said that the city will appeal the judge's ruling on the law & is confident they will win on appeal.

We shall see.
It's almost 11:00pm cst. I'm watching the David Letterman show. He is going to have Mayor Bloomberg on. I wonder if they will talk about the large soda ban.
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