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So i moved into an apartment with a guy i had never met. Big mistake. After 3 months of being at each other's throats we have decided to part ways. But i've ran into some problems along the way and now am being threatened with eviction.

We are current on our rent but only because the other tenenant has paid the rent in full as i refused to pay him my share for one month due to the fact that he has not paid our gas bill that we share. We had no heat and no hot water for 21 days.

In an attempt to get rent out of me he has changed the locks, removed the doors from my bed room and bathroom doors and submitted eviction notices to me listing himself as the landlord. The other day he called the police because i called a locksmith to come unlock my apartment because he had changed the locks. The police informed him that he cannot change the locks without offering me a new key.

Now this whole time the landlord has turned a blind eye to this situation until now. Today he verbally gave me 3 days notice to get out or he would change my locks because the other roomate has packed up and left.

Now why i may be in the wrong for refusing to pay my roomate my share of the rent for the days i didn't have hot water or heat is it legal for the landlord to verbally give me 3 days notice and threaten to change the locks? We are current on rent up until January.

If i'm not mistaken he would be required to give me written three days notice, then after that take me to court.

And what recourse do i have to my roomate for locking me out and damaging the apartment? He's taking me to small claims court?
Yes - your 3-day notice would have to be in writing and to remove you, unless Small Claims is also the housing court, he would take you to municipal or civil court.

You need to make an agreement with the landlord to give him the keys at the end of January in return for his cancelling your lease....
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