do I have a case


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need to know if my rights were violated... I have a 2 month old with no court order and she has always been with me...I took her to the er and called the father and said he could come if he wanted. His mother came along and I told the staff I did not want her in the room...but the staff let her in the room anyways....I then asked to speak with a supervisor and she replyd with I can call the cops and I said no I don't want the cops in the room i want a supervisor ....his mother said to call the cops and they then allowed the cops in the room without my consent after I already said I have a case did they violate my rights
How would this possibly be a violation of your rights? The hospital has the right to conduct medical exams without drama or fights breaking out. If that requires the police be present, I would take a serious look at myself and my behavior. That is not in any way a violation of any right you might have. I'm not sure why you feel you have the right to dictate who can and can not be present for the exam, especially when you called to alert the other party to the need and admit that this was the father and grandmother of the child.