Criminal Trials, Hearings dismissed then brought back up.

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Hi i was arrested recently because i was cleaning my car (which is in my moms name. i technically have nothing to do with it, my name is not on the car anywhere) and a cop came up. he said people told him i was selling weed out of my car and he wanted to search it. i told him he could. so he then began to search the car and eventually found about one gram of weed from my personal stash. i was then charged with possession and had to go to court. the first time they said it was dismissed since the cop didn't do things he should have; although, now i have to go back to court another day. can they charge me with anything this time around? how are they aloud to bring it up again if it was dismissed? can anyone help me please!?
It was more likely continued rather than dismissed.
Your attorney is best able to answer this question for you since your attorney was in the court room.
they didn't say whether or not there was prejudice although i assume not. and i thought they were not aloud to because of the fifth amendment. although it says "acquitted" not "dismissed" and i'm not sure if there is a difference.

they specifically said the words "dismissed". and i had a public defender who's number i do not have and i am not entirely sure how to reach him.
and i'm still curious that if it was my moms car technically (since my name isn't on it at all) was i even really allowed to say they could search her car? i mean isn't that like me saying they can search your car? i don't know you and it is not my property. can we catch them on a technicality since technically i have to rights to the car?
You had authority to consent to search. You won't get anywhere with that.
If your case was dismissed then it apparently was refiled later. It happens all the time.
You seem to be looking for a way out that just isn't there.
Talk to a lawyer. You said you had a public defender originally - the court can probably tell you who it was & how to reach him.
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