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I went on my friends discover card account as a card holder apx. 2007. By 2009 I stopped using the card, given it back to her and assumed I was taken off as a card holder. Years later I see my credit report reflecting derogatory with discover. I reach out to my friend who tells me it shouldn't be, but when I speak with discover they say that I am a "joint" card holder and have been since 1999 (when the account was originally opened). What can I do to having them removed from my credit report, proving I was NOT a member since 1999, also on my report it reflect a balance of 18,937, but that has since been brought down to under $5000. Doesn't the amount bring your credit score down too? Lastly, they (discover) don't even have my name associated with an account now. I don't get it. Please help.
Dispute the notation on your credit report. If Discover responds to validate, it should be with the correct amount. Just because you stopped using it does not mean you were removed.
You stopped using the card, but did you pay the debt you owed?
You will likely be held responsible for debt incurred since 2007. You had a responsibility to notify Discover you were no longer a user of the account. That language is very likely in a document you signed or agreed to online.
You may be able to negotiate with them if you offer a partial payment of the balance in exchange for a clear credit report with no derogatory remarks. They can still pursue the remaining balance from the other party.
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