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My neighbor asked my to let her stay in my house for a while. (I am living in it myself, but have an extra bedroom.) However, she has become very difficult to live with because she acts too often like she owns the place. She has never paid any rent or contributed to utility payments (other than her personal long-distance phone calls before I got unlimited service.) She now has boxes piled up all over my house. Today I told her she had two weeks to either get all her boxes out of my house or move out. If she fails to do either, how can I have her removed from my house?
You have to evict her according to state guidelines. Your friend is a legal tenant, regardless of whether or not she's paid rent or whether you've had a formal agreement.

Do it legally, or face severe consequences - WA doesn't take this stuff lightly.

(Yes, I do live in WA)
Here in California we have a seperate process for owner-occupied rentals in which there is a single renter. You should look into whether your state has something simlar... things move much faster!
I have now spoken to an attorney in this area that specializes in landlord-tenant law. From what he said, I have to assume that Washington does not have that "separate process".
OP, you're looking at around 35-45 days. (From the day you actually give her notice to quit)

Might take a bit longer in some areas.
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