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Here is the info:

I was suppose to be covered by my company insurance but the company did not have the money to pay the insurace premiums.

I went to a ortho doctor and was pre-approved by my insurance company to have an MRI and other medical treatment. My first MRI was requested by my doctor to have my whole arm done but when I showed up at the MRI they said that the insurance only gave them the go ahead for the forearm. They did the MRI and I went back to the doctor but when he only saw the forearm he sent me back to have the "whole arm" done. The second time, which was again pre-approved by my insurance, the did the upper arm and I returned to the doctor.

After all this was done, the insurace premium was not paid by my company and the backdated the insurance claims that they would pay and all of my MRI's were not paid (insurance backdated to May 31st at midnight and my MRI's were on June 1st and after but STILL approved by my insurance company).

Now, here is where I am upset. If the insurance would have listened to the doctor the first time I would have only got one MRI and not two. The insurance company pre-approved this proceedure so why are they not covering it and now since it was not paid it has gone on my personal credit report as a charge off and now I am getting demand notices from a attorney's office saying that I have to reply with in 30 days?

Help...I do not have the money to pay this and what can I do to get it off of my personal credit?
Then your company is responsible. Many companies have insurance that covers them in case something like this happens. However, if they have no money, then you are just out. Maybe you can talk with the doctor's office and negotiate a settlement or payment plan.
They have no money but I am wondering what sort of reply I give this attorneys office? I feel that the insurance screw up and the doctors office (MRI & Otho are in the same place) for not insisting on the correct MRI I wouldn't have to have two MRI's and now I have to pay for them even though if the they did it right the first time I would have only have to pay for one.

Also, is there any way to fight the insurance company on the fact that they pre-approved this and then they backdated the coverage to expire 8 hours prior to my MRI?
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