Defrauding on an Innkeeper

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I am writing to see if anyone can help to clarify this law and its weight in the law books for South Carolina. The arrest was due to a unpaid bill in a bar, the amount of the bill was roughly $15.00. Is this considered a misdemeanor, a felony? any info would be greatly appreciated, also, if you found your information online or from a book could you please list where you found it.
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I have never heard of someone getting arrested over a 15$ bar tab?? This is in the US, right? Are you sure they did not have a warrant or anything else on them for the arrest?
they had no prior warrants out. the bar called the police who issued an arrest warrant, pulled them over and took them in. i know this all sounds ridiculous, thats why i am looking for opinions or suggestions.
So what is the actual charge? a debt owing? or did the bar come up with some other story and the cops grabbed them for that? If it really is for a 15$bar tab I would call an attorney right away as debtors prisons have not been around for a long time.
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