daughter without health insurance and with a hospital bill

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My daughter, 21, lives in Shelbyville, IN. She is unemployed and lives with a room mate who is helping her pay most of her bills. All other bills are put on a credit card. She cannot get unemployment because the casino where she worked is fighting her all the way. (Can they do that?) Anyway, she does not have insurance. She is a veteran but does not know if she qualifies for VA. I keep pushing her to ask but she is quite the procrastinator. She just recently had to have her appendix removed and now she has a bill from the hospital for over $10,000. A woman who deals with people who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills said she may only have to pay $50 at the most. My daughter just received a bill from the doctor for another $3,000. She was told she would have to pay at least $40 a month or it will go to collections. What is she supposed to do? She can't afford the new government health insurance of over $400 a month. I thought this new type of insurance was there to help those in need but it costs more than insurance you can buy off the web!! And what was she supposed to do? Take out her appendix herself? She could have died if she waited! She has resigned herself to the fact that it will go to collections because she can't pay it. I told her to go to Family Independence Agency to see if there is any help there. But, like I said earlier, she is a procrastinator, but I will keep pushing. That is all I can do. I am unemployed also and can't afford to help her. Are they legally allowed to force someone to pay a bill if there is no money coming in?
Why is her employer fighting the UI?

That aside, the hospital and any other service provider is absolutely entitled to pursue your daughter. They are, after all, a business - they will likely eventually get a judgment against her and those things can last an awful long time.

Having no income is not (as far as they are concerned) a reason to not pay a medical bill.

She may wish to try local charity groups.
Most of the time the hospital will offer her to pay alot less money than she owes due to her income. Talk to the finace dept and see if they will accept less per month. They dont care about her money problems...they just want their money. Good luck.
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