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'Crime Prescription Period.'

Discussion in 'Civil Court, Procedure & Litigation' started by Bobbie_Knight, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Bobbie_Knight

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    My jurisdiction is: California

    A ' criminal offence ':dgrin was committed twenty years ago against one man.The criminal conspirators:dgrin (Principals) are originally comes from ' professional
    :dgrin level status.(These are the ' sacred cows,';or the ' white collar employees.)
    Others who worked with the principals are the 'minimum salary employees. '(These are the ' accompliche' .) Majority of the above ' crime participators ' are working in one of government higher echelon . With the principals connections and influence(including in the '
    network media . '),the said criminal 0ffence remained secret in the minds and hearts of those who participated for so long.
    (Twenty years!) My question is:Just in case this 'criminal conspiracy' will be
    exposed to proper 'place' like formal 'court hearing,'(Litigation) will the so-called ' prescription time period ' be applied
    in this criminal offence? Just exactly how does a litigant lawyer understand
    and apply 'prescription time period' in a commissioned crime happened twenty
    years ago,but later discovered-that finally paved the way for the poor victim to elevate the conspiracy against him through proper court of justice?
    Can you give ' case examples ' on this subject?:)

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