Copyright form details


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Hi all

I want to create an online profile where I'll be posting other people's videos online. The content would be an edited version of the video.

I would like to do this the proper way and use a "copyright" form (pdf) that people could fill in and submit through my email address.
Also note that I'm not registered as a business.

What do you have to include in such a form ? A template would also help of course.

-First and last name
-contact information
-legal notices
and so on ...

What are the things that I have to disclose and what are my duties ?

In other words, you are seeking permission to use and edit a copyright holder's work. You are wise to do that.

The first link is to sample letters requesting permission.

The second link is to sample letters granting permission.

You should be able to find something useful in them. You may have to customize the permission letters to fit the needs or wants of the copyright holder.
I don't understand what you're asking. If you're talking about some sort of form by which the people submitting videos give you a license to do whatever you want to do with them, you'll need to consult with a local attorney. Beyond providing general information about the law, anonymous strangers on the internet aren't going to do free legal work for you.