Conflictg of interest?


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Last year, on the way to pickup my vehicle from being worked on, I was in a ride share whom ran a red light while texting and rear-ended a vehicle causing a 3 car auto accident. Police arrived, driver of the ride share admitted they were texting while driving over the speed limit and running a red light and was given a ticket. Driver also admitted to being under the influence.

The accident occurred after 5pm, unfortunately local law firms were closed for the day. My boss at the time, forwarded a lawyer he heard about to me. This lawyer, while initially seeming very knowledgeable, over the following months began to show what I can only refer to as red flags:

Stated to me that all local businesses who could do an x-ray or MRI were booked for months.
I had to find my own doctors.
I had to find my own physical therapy.
When I did find businesses who could do x-rays and do a MRI, I inquired as to their availability and was informed they had not been booked and that the lawyer had never contacted them.
When I did get in to get the x-rays done, the lawyer scheduled the incorrect part of my body to be looked at, which took another round of x-rays.

My boss fired me over the phone (while I was attending a doctor's appointment) stating that the doctor's appointments he agreed to previously caused issues with his wanting to have regular unpaid conference calls with employees after work hours.

The lawyer recommended an employment attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Over the following months, whenever the employment side of my case was brought up, I asked about the lawyer from Baton Rouge and very little was said or the subject was instantly changed.

The lawyer "forgot" to pay for medical bills up to that point, which caused them to be delivered to me and be put in collections. As such I met with the lawyer in person where he and his paralegals admitted their was never an employment attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and that he he may be in hot water because he created a conflict of interest by not being upfront about also representing my now former employer and that he attempted to drag out the employment side of my case for 7 months.

Did this lawyer knowingly allow a conflict of interest to occur?
If so, how do I go about getting this lawyer disbarred and unable to practice law?

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As you tell the tale, it sure looks like the attorney violated one or more of the rules of professional conduct. Start with the link given in the reply above this one to get started.