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Comparative tool for legal professionals

Discussion in 'Other Legal Issues' started by pauledwards20, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. pauledwards20

    pauledwards20 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I think that that is interested to any legal professional who deals with legal documents.

    Once I needed to compare two files to find out what changes were made, I’ve tried to find some comparative utility. And Compare Suite seems to be the best – well, in fact it is for guys like us, who don’t need “syntaxes highlighting for C++ programmers” but just need a powerful tool to compare all DOCs and PDFs.

    So I think that it’s better than Araxis, that I liked, as araxis costs twice more, but was positioned to be a web-masters’ tool.

    Compare Suite provides you with:
    1) Document comparison. Compare Suite allows to compare all popular
    office file formats: MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), Adobe Acrobat
    (.pdf), XML (for court systems);
    2) Web monitoring. You can configure Compare Suite to monitor data
    from any web-site. It allows to find changes in Web-Pages (.htm
    3) Comparative report. Comparative report includes comparative
    statistic and detailed changes information.

    Paul Edwards
  2. Michael Wechsler

    Michael Wechsler Administrator Staff Member

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    There are quite a number of different comparative tools, including the free ones in most word processors. In Microsoft Word you can compare documents and have the changes redlined. Additionally, there are some free tools provided by the big research companies that perform document comparison.

    There are a number of very cheap ones (syntax highlighting can be very useful if you want to use it for other purposes like creating your own web pages) and the benefits are excellent interfaces (I personally like Beyond Compare -- you can find it by searching any search engine.)

    I hope that this is posted for informational purposes and not commercial as advertising here is not permitted in these parts of the forums, only in our vendors area.


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