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Commercial Truck parked in Neighborhood Driven by Disturbing man

Discussion in 'Parking Tickets, Towing, Impound' started by AngelsAdvocate, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. AngelsAdvocate

    AngelsAdvocate Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Originally, my topic was strictly about parking law but has recently crossed into harassment/stalking territory (for which I will explain below).

    There has been a large commercial truck that is constantly parked for hours (with no driver inside) in my neighborhood (zip 77083). (I've attached a Google maps image showing the location the truck is usually parked). It is at the part of the road located next to Metro Blvd. This particular truck is white and has the logo "Power Strokin . . . See Ya !" on it. It has been parked in that general location for several months now. It comes and goes but is always left there for hours. It has even been parked there overnight on several occasions. I have attached photos of the truck showing the various days it has parked along with some photos of it parked at night. On some occasions, it even parks right NEXT to my house ALL NIGHT. I am writing this to inquire about the legality of the situation. I understand that the roads are for public use, but I am inquiring about the specific situation of a large commercial truck being parked all day and night on the road. The way it is parked blocks HALF of the road when entering the neighborhood. Thus, if any two drivers must cross that specific part of the road, one driver MUST yield to the other or risk an accident occurring !

    This is the part that steps out of parking law and moves into other issues. . . . .

    So just a few days ago, when I had to leave for a trip, I saw a stranger's hummer parked on the road at my front door and it was parked DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the walkway from my lawn and into the road. This seemed highly indicative of being done on purpose. I walked to see who was inside the car and it turned out to be the SAME PERSON who usually parked the truck (which by the way was yet again parked on the other side of the road). So this is a situation where ONE GUY has parked at least two different vehicles right next to my house for extended hours. Even though parking a car on the street is legal, I'm quite certain this is strange behavior. This is especially true when the FIRST time I spoke to him about it, HE EXPLODED ! He immediately jumped out of the car and started swearing. He got right up to my face when I asked him (politely) when he was going to move the hummer. He yelled “I’ll move it when I feel like it !”. Again, this is apparently the way he acts for meeting someone for the FIRST time (and in front of MY house). When my mother came of out the house asking what was going on (in another language), he yelled at her as well by saying “Speak English”. He also began to use other swear words to which I replied by immediately calling 9-1-1.

    According to my mother, that was NOT the first time she met him. For her, he had actually rang the doorbell a few weeks before and asked my mother if she could “look after” a package for him. OBVIOUSLY, that was something NO ONE should do ! ! ! Thus, my mother refused but he seemed to have been embarrassed or upset about it and hence now has our home “on his radar” or he just wants to prove something. . . .

    The police officer who had arrived was more interested in conflict mitigation. She told us that vehicles could park anywhere on the streets. When I asked further if such vehicles can be parked for several hours and even into the night, she replied that they could. I expressed concern that the man is a potential “stalker” for which she denied that he was. However, she did acknowledge that I called 9-1-1 due to the abrasive nature of the man and also instructed my mother not to answer the door if he ever comes back again. The only thing we got from the officer before she left was a card with her last name, unit number, and description of “disturbance” as reason for the call.

    I am posting this situation because I am concerned for the welfare of my mother. She is actually a disabled person who will be living alone soon since I often go out of state for college. However, for her disability, she has recently qualified to have an attorney from my late father’s company to help her in legal issues. I just need to focus on what could be expressed to the attorney such as parking laws (like Texas Transportation Code - TRANSP § 545.307), suing for harassment, and/or potential stalking.

    In support of everything I have written, I have attached the following documents:

    1) Google image showing the general location the truck is always parked at
    Google Map of Truck Location.png

    2) Image of actual truck parked in real life

    3) Image of same trucked parked at night

    4) Image of truck parked on the side of house

    5) Image of hummer parked blocking the walkway from street to my house (you can also barely see his truck on the side of the photo as well)

    6) License plate of the hummer (with numbers blacked out)
    a. Interesting to note is that the plate states “Disabled veteran” . . . . . .

    So in conclusion, my mother and I essentially have a situation where this truck driver is taking advantage of the fact that its technically legal to park a vehicle on neighborhood street. However, this particular person is CLEARLY NOT of sound mind based on my VERY FIRST encounter with him with his swearing and discriminatory remarks. Not only that, but there was again that time (mentioned above) when he asked my mother to look after a package for him.

    So my concerns include:

    I don’t know if he’s going to keep bringing different cars, trucks, hummers . . . . .

    I’m pretty sure if I ever talk to him again, he’s going to cuss again (or worse . . . . .) . . . . . .

    Though I doubt he’ll ask us to look after another package again, I have no idea if he’ll place a package at my doorstep (with God knows what could be inside) . . . . . .

    This guy actually lives at practically the OTHER SIDE of the neighborhood, so I don’t why he keeps going out all the way just to park in front of our house.

    For myself, I am not too concerned about the situation. This is due to the time I have to dedicate to my studies. However, that also means I’ll have to be leaving my mother to live alone with this guy going around the house every now and then. . . . .

    Thus, I am just pondering what actions may be taken to ensure safety and peace of mind for her.
  2. ElleMD

    ElleMD Well-Known Member

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    So, the gist of your rather long post is that someone is parking a vehicle on a public street near your home, which is entirely legal. The driver got upset one time when you confronted him. This isn't even close to stalking or harassment. The police were correct; it is legal to park a vehicle on a public street. Your mother's disability and attorney to handle legal affairs has no relevance here. She is free to ignore him. If he does threaten her, she can call the police.
  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    You can check if there are local ordinances regarding parking. Sometimes a vehicle must be moved every so often in order to avoid citations.
    Otherwise, if not illegally parked or unregistered there isn't much you can do about it, even if partied directly in front of your house.

    People fight for the spot in front of my house because of the big tree that creates shade. I have no say in who gets the apt or for how long.

    What you describe is not stalking.

    If there are no parking violations the best you can do is ignore it. However if it doesn't move for long periods of time (3+ days) and you can find a local ordinance about storing vehicles on the street then you might have something to work with.
  4. zddoodah

    zddoodah Well-Known Member

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    You can google the Houston, Texas municipal code as well as anyone here. You can also look and see if there are any signs posted that restrict parking in any way.

    By the way, providing complete strangers on the internet with the means to determine EXACTLY where you live was not a particularly smart thing to do.

    We can all use Google Maps too, and I did. Just a few houses down the street there are two cars parked across the street from each other, and it's clear there is no way more than one car could squeeze through, so this truck isn't any different from any other car in this respect.

    You're kidding, right? Also, you do realize you can walk on grass, right?

    Well...you're obviously entitled to your opinion, but there's nothing "strange" about parking vehicles in a public street.

    Since no crime appears to have been committed, what else do you think she ought to have done?

    And there you go.

    Everyone who is not an actual stalker is a "potential 'stalker.'" Whom do you think this person might be stalking? Do you think everyone who parks in the street is a (potential or actual) stalker?


    The attorney's job is to figure out what laws, if any, have been violated. You don't need to do the attorney's job in advance. Moreover, why do you think TC 545.307 applies? Are there signs posted as provided in sub-section (c)?

    There's no such thing as "potential stalking." A person either is stalking or isn't stalking, and nothing in your incredibly long post supports the conclusion that anyone is stalking anyone. As far as harassment, you appear to be the only person who might be harassing anyone.

    I suggestion you lighten and mind your own business (and maybe seek some therapy for what appears to be a heightened sense of paranoia). You could, by the way, contact the company identified on the truck and discuss the situation.
  5. txls

    txls Well-Known Member

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    I don't like it when people park directly in front of my house. But it isn't illegal. I believe it's rude to park so as to block someone's sidewalk, but again not illegal. He may be doing things to annoy you. Don't let him know that he was successful. Ignore him and tell your mother to ignore him, and he will eventually find someone else to annoy. I rarely open my door if I don't know the person.
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  6. hrforme

    hrforme Active Member

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    And knowing that HTX doesn’t have zoning and across the street to the right of the house is obviously warehouse/retail, it’s very possible the business is part of that center...,

    Was that there when your mom
    Bought the house or moved in?

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