Jail Charges

Can't understand how anyone can say.... " Didn't have transportation" God gave us two legs so we could walk. Agree with mightmoose that something else is a factor with this issue. He should have taken this charge serious.

"We" can't do anything. You can hire him an attorney if you want to waste your money that would be better suited to your eventual child once it is born.

What's he really in jail for? It's not for MIP especially if it was "several years ago." I know people who got MIPs and they never ended up in jail especially years later when over the age of 21.

Even if you filed something to modify sentencing, by the time it got on the calendar his 180 days might be up and he won't get that time back. It's more than likely he's doing the 180...but only a lawyer can tell you the answer. Some do free consultations.