Charged without evidence

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I was given a ticket for driving on a suspended license my car was impounded I wasn't pulled over I asked for a driver's license tomorrow entering mistakenly a on Force Base I had identification but I don't have a driver's license cuz I do not need one it is a right not a privilege and I was detained for 2 hours and handcuffs inclined sounded the case was specs for the district court in California I did a trial by declaration I asked for proof of jurisdiction I asked who had to clean against me cuz the state cannot claim make a claim none of that was answered and it made an abstract anyways for me driving on a suspended license in over $300 no paperwork has been sent to just cleaning this through email so what do I do I do have a right to travel as we spend or cancelled however you want to look at it drivers license and I have no contract with the DMV and basically the clerk is making a false claim so did the officer who arrested me for over 2 hours and handcuffs and I not correct
Sounds like you're a sovereign citizen troll. Maybe you believe your own BS but no one else does. You do need a valid license to drive in any and all states.

Go away now. If you'd like you can hire an attorney to defend you. We cannot help you here.
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