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Canadian working in US for Canadian org TN Visa

Discussion in 'Investment, Work Visa' started by frosty34, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. frosty34

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    I am an American citizen and have a girlfriend who is a Canadian citizen currently living and working in the USA with a TN-1 visa. However, she has received a job offer from a non-profit organization located in Canada, and is highly interested in taking the job. We currently live together and would not like to part, so upon asking her prospective new employer she found that she could work more than 75% of the time remotely. The nature of her work would not involve the Unites States in any way.

    So my questions are:

    1) Obviously she would not be allowed to keep her TN-1 status. What visa, if any, would she need to legally live in the USA while doing this work?

    2) Would she encounter a problem if she were to, instead, live permanently in Canada, but come to the USA as a visitor about one week out of every four--and work while in the USA during that week?

    3) Would she need to obtain an Employment Authorization Document?

    Thanks to anyone who can provide some information for our situation!


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