Can Real Estate Seller Void Contract Before the Signature Deadline?


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I won a bid on a condo from Homesearch. The Homesearch reps sent me the contract to sign. My agent emailed the Homesearch rep and askedl when the deadline was for submitting my contract? The Homesearch rep sent my agent the date by email.

However, the day before Homesearch said the signed contract was due, they emailed me to tell me the contract was voided. I intended to send in the contract the following day -- per the agents information about the deadline.

The Homesearch rep gave me no warning that the contract would be voided.

In addition, Homesearch states that I am made liable for the property simply by winning the bid. So if I backed out of the winning bid -- even if I didn't sign the contract -- I would owe $2500. I was fine with that. But what I was not fine with was their voiding the contract before the agreed deadline date for me to turn in the contract.

Do I have a case?

Thanks for any feedback.