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Can I qualify for any type of assistance if my child is autistic? Texas

Discussion in 'Health Insurance, HMO, HIPAA & Disability' started by Texas6023, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Texas6023

    Texas6023 Law Topic Starter Member

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    Can I qualify for any type of assistance other than my health insurance to help me out with costs of visits, therapist, braces, and other testing etc. ?

    Is all the assistance based on income? Doesn't matter how much you make.. With this type of disability there isn't enough money to get the appropriate care.
  2. cbg

    cbg Super Moderator

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    I don't know what resources Texas has. In my state, there is assistance you can get through the state for a disabled child; I don't know how much of it is based on income but I fill out the paperwork for our employees who have it and we have employees who earn six figures who are eligible - it depends on the child's disability more than income.

    Contact the state and see what options are out there.

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