C Visa C-1 Visa?? Transit visa thru US. DENIED Tourist Visa

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Here's the situation:

My brother in law was denied a US tourist visa because of a marijuana conviction in his country 10 years ago. His country requires a visa to enter US. However he is now only transiting through the US to Vancouver. He will be traveling with my mother in law to visit her sister who lives in Vancouver. My husband and I will travel there to visit with them.

Will he be flagged at his embassy? Or even worse denied this C-1 visa because he was denied a visa in the past? They are only in US for 2 hour layover.

What are the chances of him being denied based on his prior denied B1/B2 Tourist Visa? Can he plead his case with the consulate based on the fact that he needs to travel with my mother in law who is elderly and doesn't speak English? My father in law is staying behind in Greece so there is a legitimate valid reason for them to return to Greece. Neither one has any desire or intention of staying in Canada nor the US. But I know they won't take their word for it based on the thousands of people who have violated the law and ruined it for others.

Please help.
I don't know if there is a problem with a layover since your brother in law isn't actually going through customs to enter the US. I'm not sure what you mean about his country requiring his getting a visa if he's not actually entering the country. Perhaps you can explain.
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