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Breech of contract?

Discussion in 'Law School & Careers in Law' started by davdav25, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. davdav25

    davdav25 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I have 2 questions one regarding myself and the other regarding my current gf. We are both RN's and signed contracts for sign on bonus' the contract is as following.

    Dear David,

    We are pleased to confirm our offer of employment with St. Mary Medical Center. This offer of employment is contingent upon: our verification of your right to work in the United States (please present documents from the attached list at your Human Resources Orientation), your completion of any outstanding licensure/certification requirements (NCLEX), and your successful completion of St. Mary Medical Center’s pre-placement physical exam. We would like to indicate that your employment with St. Mary Medical Center is an employment-at-will and the position offered is a union position whereby the employee will be obligated to pay union fees. We will try our best to accommodate your shift preference at the time of joining but we cannot guarantee your shift preference much in advance. New employees must successfully complete an introductory period and are required to attend Hospital Wide Orientation.

    Position: Registered Nurse-12 hour

    Department: ICU

    Hours per Week/Shift: At least 36 hours/nights

    Scheduled Date of Hire: As soon as possible.

    Retention Bonus: $5,000.00 to be paid in three installments: $2,000.00 after 30-days of
    Start date; $1000 after successful completion of 6 months of employment;
    And $2,000.00 after 12 months of employment. Such bonus is subject to
    All applicable taxes and withholdings. Should the employment terminate
    For any reason following 24-months of the start date the bonus will be
    reimbursed back to St Mary Medical Center.

    Physical: Pre-placement physical to be scheduled by Employee Health after your

    Human Resources Orientation: MUST BE COMPLETED.

    Hospital Orientation: Dates to be notified on your arrival.

    R.N. Orientation: Dates to be notified on your arrival.

    We are pleased to welcome you to the staff of St. Mary Medical Center.


    Gail Daly
    Chief Nursing Executive/Chief Operating Officer
    FEIN Number for St. Mary Medical Center: 94-1196203

    Please sign below and return one copy of this letter to Human Resources.

    Signature __________________________________________________ Date _______________
    (David J. Guthrie)

    We were both recruited by a third party. Upon moving to california me from pennsylvania I received this bonus however have been cancelled numerous times due to low census. I am wondering if this makes the contract null. The bigger issue. Is this recruiter sent the same contract to my gf now, who moved all the way from new york. Upon coming here to california with all of her stuff shipped. They said they were switching her position from night shift to day shift and were not going to give her the sign on bonus of 5000. The recruiter recieves 12,000 for recruiting each of us. She was super screwed over even with this contract. Thank you!

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