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Me and my husband can't have kids so we were planning on adopting his sisters unborn baby because she was young and she couldn't take care of the baby at the time. Through out her whole pregnancy we send her money to eat and money for her doc appointments . We even paid for her medical bills when she had the baby. We bought so many stuff waiting for the arrival of the baby. I paid for the baby's fare and helped out with the sisters fare to come to America to bring the baby and for her to come live a better life for the sake of her other kid. We took care of the baby for 5-6 months . We gave him the world and we even took the sister in and even helped her boyfriend to get a job and everything . They moved out and went and stayed with there other family and me and my husband still took care of the baby..every time we had our family home evenings or family prayer she reminds us that she will never take there kid back or want anything to do with him but when they got mad at my husband they came and took the baby back and it really broken up our families? The kid was everything to us. We spend so much money on him and we gave him the world . Since they took him back I been seeing that he has been in and out of the hospital. The sister called me one time and told me that her baby daddy doesn't treat baby the same as there other son they have. My mistake that I regret is that I could've worked on the adoption paper ASAP but money was so tight at the moment and plus I've never thought they would take the baby back after everything we've done for them. Ireally want to fight for custody of the child or get all my money that I spend on them. But idk how too or idk if I'll win..they even filed taxes and they filed the baby when they didn't even take care of the baby for a whole year idk what to do ??
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Without any sort of contract or adoption papers, you were essentially just giving his sister gifts and babysitting. I totally understand. It is devastating when am adoption falls through. Even more so when you know you could have given the child a better life, but you can not make the sister give you her baby. If the baby is being abused, call CPS.

If the sister is not from the US, are she and her kids here legally?