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I attended a university and thought about taking summer classes at their satellite school (I lived closer during the summer to satellite school) and I applied for summer classes, but I ended up not taking any classes during the summer. That was probably two years ago. Now I'm being sued by the satellite school for $5600 and have to appear in court in three weeks. I never actually went to the school, I only applied to my knowledge and it was quite some time ago. I'm not even sure what to use as a defense for this as I just received backed pieces of mail from the bursar office, the lawyer, and now a court appearance document (all within a week of one another with issue dates spanning 6 months) other than "I never attended this school"-any advice on this complicated situation?
Please answer the following questions:

1 - Small claims or regular court. Your summons and complaint should reveal that to you.

2 - What county are you being sued in?

3 - What, exactly, is the summons requiring of you? Quote it word for word.

4 - The papers from the bursar office - What are they? Be specific.

Start with those and then we'll move on.
It sounds like you signed up for classes and never cancelled your enrollment or did so after the deadline to obtain a refund. It should be a very simple matter to check your records and see if in fact, you have courses listed for that semester. You can probably even do this online. Or, contact/visit the Bursar to see why you are getting a bill. Working in higher ed, I do find it somewhat hard to believe that you have not received anything until now. Is the address you have on file with the school the one where you currently reside? Do you have a student email account and do you check it? Those are the two main culprits for students (and professors) "not receiving" notices from the school.