Being sued by a crazy homeless person who I tried to help in 2016 -- need help please

Google "civil litigation attorney van nuys" (or substitute "san fernando valley" for "van nuys"). There are a gazillion lawyers in the valley.
I had posted a new question but am now being told to post my question in my old thread. Honestly I forgot I had one. So here I am...

If anyone wondered how all this played out -- I wound up having to do this pro se. After spending months trying to find an attorney, no one would take the case. Actually once I told them what it was about they would laugh and hang up on me. And I called everywhere.

Anyway, long story short -- I was sued for contractual fraud and conversion in Los Angeles Superior Court. The charges are made up and outside the statute of limitations.

I keep filing demurrers, I keep having hearings, and the judge keeps letting her refile her charges (we are on round 5 now or perhaps its more now). This has been dragging on for about a year now.

The judge has already said he was dropping the fraud charge, all that's left is the conversion charge which he just let her refile. The judge already said there is no evidence of crime (relating to the fraud charge).

At the last hearing he scheduled another demurrer hearing and said that he would schedule yet more hearings at that hearing.

What is the judge doing?

Why won't he dismiss this - I didn't do anything wrong. She abandoned her property and it wasn't fixable anyway. If she had her computer today it would still not power up and you could not buy parts for it to fix it.

She is a crazy homeless person with a drug addiction whose desperate for money. She has filed over a dozen cases against people, the city of LA, the DMV, the north hollywood police dept etc all in the last few years. Obviously she wants a payday. And in more than 1/2 those cases she accused them of fraud as well. She lost all cases except one -- in that one the defendant did not show up for court.

Is it the judge realizes she won't let it go which is why he is continuing it like this? Why would he do that? Is he trying to give her all the chances in the world so she can't appeal? Or something else? How long do cases with homeless people drag on and what can I expect in the future? I realize she has serious cognitive issues and the judge is playing slow ball with her but this somehow does not seem fair to me at all as this is costing me a fortune in paralegal fees in a time when everything is very expensive which I cannot afford.

She has outbursts in court, she interrupts the judge, she even CORRECTS the judge on legal definitions, which I was surprised she did - although once she was done the judge told her, that was not the definition.

I have never been sued before and this has been very upsetting because all of this is just her making up a story trying to shake money out of me. She sued me for $100,000!!! Of course now she has changed it to $3,500~.

I had offered to settle with her -- I was willing to buy her a new computer. But she screamed no when I mentioned I was willing to settle. She really thinks she is going to get a windfall here.

I should also add, since the thing started -- about 2 weeks after being served I had my identity stolen, all my online accounts hacked -- that used the very email this lady know I have. They tried to push through over $10,000 in goods and services most I managed to cancel and reverse, but not all. Someone keeps trying to take house loans out in my name, etc. I have no proof it was her - but the timing of course makes me think it was her as I do not share my private information. Also, someone filed a fraudulent tax return in my name (a blank form) which took months to sort out. This happened shortly after all my accounts were hacked, which I had to close. Lastly, they also signed me up for about 1,000 newsletters. All of this happened within weeks of each other. No doubt this was her.

Honestly I am my wits end here and nearing a nervous breakdown. Does anyone have advise on how this is going to play out and why this is playing out this way? The judge just seems to ignore my demurrers and won't dismiss this case. He is also inconsistent with what he says in a previous hearing and then in the next one. He has said a couple of times he's ready to throw out her entire case but then he schedules another hearing.

What's going on here? Is this common?
What is the judge doing?

We have no information about your case other than what you have provided.

Why won't he dismiss this

Impossible to say since we haven't seen any of the pleadings filed in the case.

I didn't do anything wrong.

So you claim, but the plaintiff obviously claims otherwise.

How long do cases with homeless people drag on and what can I expect in the future?

You keep mentioning this person's status as homeless as though that matters in the slightest. It doesn't.

Do you have homeowner's or renter's insurance? If so, did you put your insurer on notice and ask that the insurer retain an attorney to defend you?