Battling for the house?


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I don't want to get into too much details just in case someone know them and show them this post.

My mom owns a house in California. When my mom dies, most likely my brother will take over it and most likely going to sell it so the value of the house will be shared.

I don't get along with my brother that well BUT he will always be fair with me.

The problem is, his wife. She might influence or convince him to take more of the share and sell the house for low and give me very little or none at all.

She is grew up and rich most of her life. For me, I live a poor life.

So I want to be prepared just in case. I don't have that much money and I want to find a lawyer or someone who can help me just in case. I hope it does not come to this because I don't want to sue my brother. I hope I just worry about nothing.

Thanks for any help.
Unfortunately, there is nothing YOU can do to prepare, other than maybe studying up on California probate.

It's your mother's job.

You need to convince her to arrange her estate in such a way that the assets are disposed of or divided properly.

You need to express your concerns to your mother and maybe get her to nominate you representative of her estate so you can handle the sale or leave the house just to you since your brother is more well-to-do than you are.