Personal Bankruptcy Bankrutpcy concerns



I filed a personal bankrutpcy 20 plus years ago. Last week I learned that there is an outstanding balance of 8,000.00 on a car loan that the bank is trying to collect. The car loan was included in the bankrutpcy. I check my credit report yearly and it's not on my credit report. How should I proced.
Provide the creditor with copies of your bankruptcy discharge papers along with the schedule of debts to show that the loan was discharged.

If you no longer have those documents you can look up your case on PACER:

Public Access to Court Electronic Records

And, for a small fee, you can print out the appropriate documents.

You might not like doing that but it's probably easier than being hassled by the creditor, especially if there was a judgment against you within the 15 year statute of limitations. If there was, there is another 15 year statute of limitations on collecting on a judgment.

Kentucky has the longest SOLs of just about any state in the US.