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Bank of America Money Mule ? Finance, Investments

Discussion in 'Consumer Fraud & Scams' started by AByrns, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. AByrns

    AByrns Law Topic Starter Guest

    I am a 19 year old student and about 8 months ago a friend approached me and asked if her friends from the east coast could put money into my Bank of America account and I would get $150 every time I would withdraw and give it to her. I don't have a job because I go to school more than full time so I agreed considering she comes from a rich family and I had known her for about 6 years. The deposits were cash counter deposits which means they deposited cash at a Bank of America and only had to give the account number it was being deposited to. The deposits were always around $9000 and I made these withdrawals maybe 25 or so times throughout the months. Yesterday I received a letter saying that Bank of America does not want to do business with me and that it was a banking decision and no other information would be given and my savings that I had in my account would be sent to me in the mail by check. I would be fine with all of this considering I only had about $1300 in my account besides the fact that they closed all of my accounts (Credit Card, Savings, and 2 checking) except that my mom was on my savings and one checking account so they closed all of her accounts as well (the ones not with me also). The friend who I made the withdrawals for told me sorry when I told her and that there's nothing she can do and also would not elaborate on where the money comes from or where it goes either when I asked. I've been scanning the internet for about 7 hours reading everything there is about banking laws and such and have come to the conclusion that I am in trouble but of what I'm not sure, I've read a lot about structuring laws and I don't know if I would be guilty of that considering I didn't deposit the money or chose the amount, but just withdrew it. I cannot access my online bank information and don't have any statements since they were all paperless and online but on estimation adding everything up by memory the withdrawal amount had to have been somewhere in the quarter of a million dollar range. The only thing I know about whoever deposited it is the bank in which they did on the east coast, policy did not require anything from them to make the deposits. I also understand that there obviously had to have been SAR and CRT reports filed about me by the Bank of America tellers, because although I live in Southern California a 19 year old making these withdrawals is obviously out of the ordinary. I now know how stupid me being apart of this was but at the time over the course of me doing that I wasn't aware of any of the banking laws nor was I informed but the measly $150 I received was a blessing when I had no income so I never questioned it. Now my moms accounts are frozen along with mine and we aren't sure what to do now, I have not even told her about what I have been doing because I know she will just be disappointed that I did all of that just for some money since she works her ass of to provide our family with everything she can afford.

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