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This issue is related to a car loan with a bank and late fees. I was making electronic bank transfers from my bank to the car loan bank. These payments were being transferred on the day the payment would be considered late (“payments received after this date will be considered late”) . I checked with my bank and my bank made all transactions by 12:00 noon. I paid all my bills in this manner and had no problem.
The bank with my car loan sends me a letter stating that I owe late fees because my payment was late. After several emails back and forth, the bank advises me they need several days to process my payment. My dispute with this is, the banks processing problems is not my problem. I made the payment before the late date and the bank had my money in hand by 12:00 noon on that date.
I recently purchased a new vehicle and gave the finance manager the payoff amount and they came back with a $900 difference. After contacting the bank they, advised me it was for late fees dating back to the origination of the loan.

Is there any legal recourse for, in my opinion, immoral behavior by the bank.
Potential involvement of a Bermuda-based bank in a huge investment fraud

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