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Auto Accident in October 2002

Discussion in 'Automobile & Car Insurance' started by cgmmny, May 9, 2004.

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  1. cgmmny

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    Hello All,

    I need some advice. I was in an auto accident back in October 2002. Unfortunately it was my fault. Even worse, I was late on my insurance policy and my coverage had been suspended. In addition I never did verify whether or not the other person had insurance either. After the accident, I had no contact with the other person or their inusrance company. I know there was a police report but I never retrieved it because I knew the accident was my fault. Well time kept passing and next thing I knew it was 6 months and had not been contacted by the other party or any insurance company. Time continues to past and I still was never contacted and now it's over 1 year! I'm now assuming that the statute of limitations have passed and no claim can be made against me. Well I recently got a letter from a collection agency trying to collect on the claim from the insurance company from the accident in October 2002.

    I have not contacted the collection agency yet. If I do, what should I say to them. Should I mention the statute of limitations in California (Where I reside)? They are asking me to contact them within 30 days. Also, since the statute of limitations for claims (Insurance/Personal Injury) in California before January 2003 was one year, shouldn't I be in the clear?

    How should I proceed?


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