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apply for extension/ reinstatment of F-1status/ find a new school F Visa

Discussion in 'Cultural, Training, Student Visa' started by nmsing, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. nmsing

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    i need immediate help within a day regarding this issue.

    I am an Indian born in Saudi Arabia, brought up in India for 10+ years and then went back to Saudi arabia to finish my highschool. that is my background.

    The issue i am facing is that I was to graduate in Dec 2009 with an accounting major and what happened is I am not able to graduate as my accounting major GPA dropped below requirment so the school will not let me graduate, I tried to get my proffesors to re-evaluate my course and they refused as they say its not fair to other students taking the course. I asked my DSO to apply for an extension so I can retake atleast 2 accounting courses and replace my grade to graduate. My F-1 visa is valid till may 2010.
    The DSO said he cannot do it since my program ended DEC 2009 and I should have applied for an extension by the end of DEC. Initially my program was set to end in May 2010 but since I was applying for my OPT in october thinking Dec I am going to be done with school the program was cut short on my SEVIS to dec 2009. I have recieved my EAD card for my OPT starting on Jan 18th. I asked my DSO so if I am able to work and come to school or what my options are? He said that since I didnt graduate I cannot use my OPT and that I will be out of status since I am allowed to stay only 15 days after the end of program. He also said under different circumstance some times they will allow for an extension. So I am not sure, if he just spoke to someone at the help desk for SEVIS or an authoritative figure but he called to ask for an extension and they denied it. So he told me my other option was to Reinstate my F-1 status by apply through the FORM I-539, or to get an I-20 from another school to take those courses again.

    The problem is that I am out of option if I have to leave the usa. I am not able to enroll in school in Saudi Arabia since I an Indian, A girl and A Christian. I have absolutely no contact with any of my relatives or so on in India. So I cannot go back to India either. Plus, my parents are in Saudi Arabia, and my dad is thinking of retiring from his office in a few months and coming to the USA since he got a resident status as my Sister applied for my parents and got their Green Card. I cannot enter Saudi Arabia if my father is not working in Saudi.

    I am not sure what it is that I can do? Please help this is a very very urgent matter. I need to know something by tuesday the least. Thankyou.

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