apartment with in-laws! help

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OK, my husband and I rented an apartment and we let his mother and brother stay there because they had no where else to go. In that amount of time they ran up our phone bill with long distance calls and 1-900 numbers. They would not help pay the bills they ran up, nor would they help pay half the rent that they agreed too.
My husband and I left the apartment and told them that we would no longer pay for them. They have paid the last two months there.
The problem is that they say thay do not have the money anymore and will not pay for the apartment, but they will not move out either. The Lease is under my husband and my name. There name is there stating that they are allowed to be there, as long as we let them, but finacully my husband and I are responsiable.
My husband won't make them leave. I don't want to pay for them because I am not living there, and I don't want bad credit. We signed a one year lease, its been almost 6 months now. Is there any way that I can have my name taken off the lease and leave my husbands name on it. What can I do?
It is doubtful that your name could be taken off of the lease without the landlord's consent. I don't blame you for not being happy but regardless of whether you can take your name off the lease, it still seems as though the subsidy will be coming from your family income. That's a matter between you and your husband.

Perhaps you should also explain to him that any damage to the property will also be your responsibility.
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