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My husband and I are looking into getting a dog. He's over 25 pounds and under 50 pounds. In our lease that we signed says we could have a dog under 50 lbs. When I went to talk to the housing office to put down the pet deposit they said we couldn't get him because he was over 25 lbs. I told them our lease said 50 lbs and they said that it was just a typo. I feel like they should have reviewed the paperwork better because a lease should not have a "typo" on it. We signed a lease that agreed to a dog under 50 lbs. Maybe I woul not have signed the lease if I knew the CORRECT information to begin with. So my question is, can we technically still get a dog under 50 lbs since that's what we agreed upon to begin with or do I have to go off what they verbally said.
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A better question here is, do you want to be on good terms with your landlord?
You are right about the lease, but going forward with your plan may sour the relationship with the landlord and lead to trouble.
Your landlord would not likely win an eviction if this was the only cause.