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Any class actions suits against Countrywide for illegal foreclosures?

Discussion in 'Foreclosure, Repossession, Auctions, Short Sales' started by legalwoes, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. legalwoes

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    Wondering how to proceed against Countrywide, in light of statute of limitations regarding illegal foreclosures? - twice. (in Sacramento and Elk Grove- our family homes.)
    Last year, Countrywide took my son's home in February of 2008, during a short sale, just auctioned it in the middle of a short sale, no notice- while my son was working in Kuwait, and I was his POA, with roommates renting out 2 of the 3 rooms.

    In May of the same year, my home was abruptly auctioned 3 weeks into a 90 day "iron-clad" agreement between Countrywide and NACA, to postpone any and all foreclosure proceedings.
    I was advised to begin working on a modification with Countrywide to save our home, again, after they lied and reniged on the first promised modification, promising me I had a modification of 1% fixed for 5 years and a payment of $1200/mo, and to leave my rental and to move back into my home so it would be owner occupied again. Which we did in good faith.
    (we had only been relocated for 5 months when our tenants stopped paying rent and forced us into a pre-foreclosure before we had them evicted. We had purchased our home new 13 years ago.)

    We just gave up- feeling tired and defeated, and numb, and without resources to hire an attorney.

    In September of 2008, while living in a motel, with both kids and both dogs, they called and asked me if we wanted to try to get our home back. I was shocked. She asked me alot of questions and said she would call back in the morning, but never did.
    Their phone call is logged on my Sprint phone bill.

    My home is still sitting empty, not listed on the MLS, with no price available. I'm thinking that since a year is coming up, and they know they stole our home, maybe they are trying to avoid a double law suit since they must be waiting for me to sue them and they didn't want to have to deal with getting a buyer out of our home once they had been exposed?

    I am ready to fight them again.
    Here are my initial questions:

    1. Any established class action suits going on against Countrywide, that we may look into joining? If so, how?
    2. What other recourse might be available?
    3. What statute of limitations exist on something like this?

    thank you!

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