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Hello and thanks to anyone that can help!

So late last night I was traveled to the Alberta/Montana border with a buddy of mine when we ran into a fair bit of trouble. So right away we arrive and the CBP guy begins asking the routine questions when finally he asks if I was in possession of any firearms. I explained to him that I had an old pellet gun in my trunk and that I could remove it and throw it out considering it did not even work. After saying this the officer told me to open my trunk and I complied. he searched around for far longer than necessary then pulled it out and told us to park around the corner and come inside. We went inside and then he told me to give him the keys to my car. After I did so, he went outside, got into my car and drove it into a garage. After waiting inside for approximately 45 min we were told by another officer, that we now had to go into this locked room. We waited inside, completely unaware of what was going on for about another hour and a half. Finally the original officer came and asked me to empty my pockets and to enter yet another room. I did so and then was thoroughly frisked by one man while the officer told me that i had marijuana inside of my car. I explained that i was unaware of any such thing than was told to leave while my friend had the same done. After waiting for another half hour while the questioned my friend I was pulled into a room with the officer and asked many drung realated questions. NOTE THAT AT NO TIME DURING ANY OF THIS WAS I MADE AWARE OF ANY RIGHTS I MIGHT HAVE. It turned out the officer had found a bag in my car, which he claimed had "shake" in it although I am 100% certain the bag was empty and at BEST contained 10 MILIgrams of pot. He did not have it with him to show me though. After being further questioned and processed (fingerprinted, pictures ect.) I was released at 4:30am with these forms stating a complicated process I now must now go through, to aquire a waiver that may allow me into the states. keep in mind that each one cost 600$, takes about 6 months (as the officer told me) and only works once.

Hello, because of stupid behaviour many years ago, I am applying for a U.S. Waiver so I can travel to the United States. I am doing this to prevent any hassles should they arise when traveling.

You first need to go to your local police station and have a finger print form done that you will then mail to Ottawa. You will need a money order for about $28.00Cdn (Call police to verify exact amount) for the finger print form as well as a money order for about the same for Ottawa to process the finger print form and send you back a criminal history report. It takes about 6 monthes (give or take some time) for Ottawa to do their part.

Once you get the report back from Ottawa, you will need to go to the nearest U.S. Customs and Border Patrol office (usually at a large airport like Edmonton or Calgary international) and give them the criminal history report as well as fill out their waiver form. I am not sure how long it will take for them to get back to you to let you know if you were approved or not as I am waiting for my report from Ottawa still.

When I did spoke to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol office, they told me it would cost almost $600Cdn to apply for the waiver (good for 5 years), but if I was denied, I would not get the money back.

If approved, it will be a good idea to start about 1-1/2 years before it expires to renew it.

I hope this information helps you.
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