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adjudication of guilt plea in Florida Sentencing, Plea Bargains

Discussion in 'Criminal Procedure, Criminal Court' started by Newbie08, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Newbie08

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    Hi, I have 2 felony charges relating to unauthorized computer access for which the prosecutor is offering a plea of 3 years probation with adjudication of guilt. I know that an adjudication of guilty is a permanent record. I feel my attorney is not doing enough to get me a withhold of adjudication. My attorney is suggesting "a plea to the court". I do not want to take chances by leaving this decision to the judge. what are my options? Should i declined the plea and risk trial? please help. I'm also a first time offender.

    I also found this link below on florida statues on withhold of adjudication. From what i can tell, i should be able to have adjudication withheld. This is a first offence and its two 3rd degree felonies. Do you think the prosecutor is just been an ass by trying to adjudicate me guilty? how can i challenge this?


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