accident 1 year ago claim filed now?

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My cousin was driving on a shared road with bicycles. An old man on a bike suddenly turned left at an intersection right into my cousins car. Police came, report filed, the man was encouraged to go to the hospital. There was no damage done to the vehicle and no claim filed with the insurance company. Car and insurance registered in New Jersey. Now a year later my cousin has received a letter from the mans lawyer asking for their insurance information. What are the chances that the insurance will not cover or represent them considering they never notified the insurance company when the accident occurred. My cousin has a witness to the accident that she was not at fault. Thanks for your time.
You should likely contact your insurance company to discuss how to handle the matter. First I would take a good look at the police report. If it says that it was the old man's fault then the attorney would be hard pressed to make any case.
The police report states that my cousin crossed the yellow line, as if he was going around the guy. The street is a 2 lane going in both directions.
Are you stating the the old man turned left and into incoming traffic so that he was riding in the opposite direction?

Unfortunately there are attorneys who will prosecute cases that seem like fraud... first you need to determine that this is the case.

My friend went throught the almost the same thing. He got into an accident w/ this lady who cut him off in front of a school. they only traded driver license; there were no police report b/c she drove off before the police got there. So he did not open a case with the insurance company b/c his agent told him that he doesn't need to. well, it has been two years, he recently received a letter from the lady's lawyer seek $15,000 for a scratch on her bumber, stating due to loss wages, health "loss" , and so forth. Any ways, did your insurance company take care of the matter or did they denied to help? and what insurance company do u have?

sorry to ask so many questions. I just want to help my friend through this problem. please help us understand.

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